Capacitors are crucial elements of your air conditioning unit (and other electro-mechanical equipment). In an electromagnetic force, a capacitor gets utilized to store energy. Capacitors are connected to motors and are responsible for voltage and giving the much-needed jolt to get the transformer started in the first place.

The resistor then gets connected to three primary motors of an air conditioning unit: the condenser, the blower, and the outside fan motor. Hence when a capacitor breaks down, it can lead to AC failure if you do not call professionals for timely AC repair in Naperville.

Signs Of Faulty Air Conditioner Capacitors

One of the most prevalent causes of AC problems is faulty capacitors. Fortunately, if you discover circuit problems early enough, AC service in Naperville professionals can quickly switch them out for newer models without affecting the AC. However, if you ignore defective capacitors, you may end yourself with a non-functioning air conditioner when you need it the most.

Hard Starting Of The AC Unit

Hard starting is the most widespread issue caused by faulty capacitors. It occurs when an air conditioner’s condenser has trouble starting up, rebuffering while trying to switch on, and finally shuts off after a brief time.

While hard starting gets induced by several factors (the worst of which is a compressor nearing the end of its useful life), a poor start battery is one of the most prevalent. Hence, it isn’t always easy to tell if a start capacitor is the source of the problem. A specialist will inspect the battery for apparent damage (splitting, swelling, or leaking oil) and perform electrical tests to ensure it is in good working order.

Buzzing Noise From The Air Conditioner

A capacitor may start to create a buzzing noise before it fails. It will allow you to detect an issue before the condenser or fans stop operating. The capacitors will need to get changed in most circumstances of circuit issues, such as destruction or a lack of charge.

Also, an engine linked to a run and start battery may continue to try to start even if one or both capacitors have failed, resulting in a motor that buzzes. If this sound persists, the inside AC machine will become overheated and eventually burn out, needing a total motor replacement. Hence, you must stop using the air conditioning unit and contact AC tuneup in Naperville professionals for repairs immediately if you hear a buzzing sound.

If you are lately experiencing any of the signs above, it is prudent that you call up professionals for AC repair in Naperville immediately to avoid any further damages and save yourself from heavy AC repair or replacement costs. We at Quality1 Heating and Cooling are one of the leading HVAC contractors in Naperville and nearby areas and help you save money on repairs and AC tuneup in Naperville.

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