When Do You Need Air Conditioning Maintenance?

When the weather gets hot outside, you depend on air conditioning systems to keep cool, sane, and productive. Although you might be going into learning about these machines from square one, finding out the signs that your air conditioner is about to break is invaluable for your home’s long-term care. In this post, we will tell you about the symptoms of a faulty air conditioner and how we can help when your machine isn’t working properly with our air conditioning maintenance and servicing.

Signs That Your AC is Malfunctioning and What They Mean

Here are two signs that something’s wrong and you’re about to be in need of air conditioning maintenance.

  • Pools of Water: If you notice that water is pooling at the base of your air conditioning unit, it could be a sign of a number of problems. Air conditioners circulate air through coils that lower the temperature. Water is a byproduct of this process and is transported through coils to a tank. If there are leaks, they could be located in any of the coils (they might have small cracks) or a number of other locations. In this instance, you will want to call our air conditioning maintenance professionals, as it’s typically difficult to see where the crack or leak is yourself.
  • Your Air Conditioner isn’t Lowering the Room Temperature Enough: This is another common problem that can be caused by several factors. If your air conditioning unit is the wrong size for your square footage, it can have difficulty lowering the temperature enough and will soon wear out. You can solve this problem by carefully reading the details about your AC before buying. If this isn’t the case, you might have an old air conditioner with parts that need to be checked by a reliable air conditioning service, or you may need to replace the whole unit entirely.

At Quality 1 Heating & Cooling, we are happy to help you with your air conditioning maintenance needs. If you’ve noticed problems or aren’t sure if your system is working its best, call us today to schedule service. We care about you, and you’ll be glad you called!