Furnace thermostats are the brain of heating systems. They determine the amount of heat being delivered to rooms and the way it is being delivered. If the furnace is not working, the thermostat is probably at fault and needs to be checked or repaired. So before googling “furnace replacement in Naperville”, one should check if the thermostat is working.

Not only are they easily accessible, but thermostats are also inexpensive, making them very easily replaceable. Here are some signs to watch out for that indicate if a furnace thermostat is failing.

1. System Won’t Turn on

This is the most obvious sign – if the heating system itself is not responding to the thermostat, then it is a sure sign something is wrong with the thermostat itself, as it may have stopped giving signals to the rest of the heating system.

2. System Keeps Turning on And off

The thermostat can also be at fault if the heating system is turning on and off at will. This is usually due to the inability of the thermostat to accurately read and send temperatures to the furnace.

3. Faulty Thermostat Readings and Unresponsive Thermostat

This is a common and easily fixable issue – often, this is due to the batteries being dead. Batteries need to be regularly changed. After changing batteries, and resetting the system, the problem should be resolved. If it isn’t, then there is some other wiring issue that is affecting your thermostat.

4. Interface Unresponsive

This is more pertinent for modern thermostats, which have a user interface that can be interacted with. If the screen isn’t working, then a change in software or component is required.

5. Variations in Temperature Throughout The House

While an important point, temperature variations can be difficult to notice. Zoning systems of furnace units ensure that dampers in ductwork regulate and control air so that it is distributed uniformly to all parts of the house, or according to the user’s custom input.

If a home is zoned and temperatures are different within each home, then there is no issue, but if a home is not zoned and the temperature varies from room to room, the thermostat is probably at fault. A faulty thermostat will cause the unit to switch on and off irregularly, and this will create a scenario where some rooms get more heat than others.

This can also arise if a home is zoned. What is important is to carefully notice if the temperature-programmed room is the same as the temperature a user has decided for it.

Thus, these pointers should help one understand if a furnace thermostat is working or not.

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