We highly recommend Quality 1 HVAC. Cliff is amazing! He is honest, reliable & competent. He goes above and beyond to provide excellent service.

My senior parents were having trouble with their furnace. They had another company take a look at it. The other company spent 5 minutes, turned off their furnace, said that it was a hazard to use and proceeded to high-pressure them into getting a new, very expensive furnace that was much larger than they would need for a small town home. We use Cliff for our heating & cooling needs, so we called him for a second opinion on my parent’s furnace. Cliff made it a priority to come over. He took a look at their furnace, fixed the problem and my parents got another 2+ years out of their furnace. Cliff didn’t even want to accept payment, but my parents insisted that he accept something.

When my parent’s A/C was giving them problems, Cliff made it a priority, again. He rearranged his schedule so that he could take care of their problem right away. He did what he could to fix their AC to save them from having to get another one; taking minimal payment to just cover his costs. When they finally needed a new AC, Cliff looked for the most economical AC for their needs. When the new one was eventually struck by lightning (which wasn’t covered by insurance), Cliff spend days & days of his own time trying to replace parts so that they could avoid having to buy a new one. When that didn’t work out, Cliff spent a lot of time tracking down a comparable unit to save money. We were only charged for the cost of the new unit – not all of the time & money Cliff spent trying to fix the old one. He went above and beyond for us. It is hard to find businesses that put people above profit & are so committed to customer service.

Cliff was always wonderful to my parents and my parents enjoyed talking with him. They really appreciated his kindness and integrity.

Elahr Google

Quality 1 did an outstanding job for us in the past few weeks. Our a/c went out and the company we had been using for routine maintenance said it would be several days until they could come. With very hot temps and young children at home this was not an option, so I reached out to a friend who I knew had recently replaced her HVAC. She had great things to say about Quality 1 so we gave them a call. They came out that same day and did a repair! When we decided to go ahead and replace our entire HVAC a few weeks later due to findings when they inspected our system, we were also very happy with our experience. They are honest, very fair with pricing, and do great work. You won’t be disappointed if you go with Quality 1!

Kristin L.

I contacted Quality 1 about doing my annual AC start up this summer after receiving great service when they installed UV lights for my furnace. My annual maintenance usually consisted of the company I used before rinsing the outside and inside of the AC outside with my garden hose. When Cliff came out to do the cleaning he took the time to show me that the cleaning was not done the best way it could have been. He used a spray to clean the radiator out so that the foils shined. He also showed me how much of a difference there was in the unit he cleaned, and the one he was about to clean. After the work was done, I noticed that my home office which had a few computers running was noticeably cooler! I didn’t have to run the loud portable unit I bought years ago. The best part is that my AC cooling energy usage has dropped down. Instead of trying to sell me a new equipment as mine is ten years old he told me that he was going to get as much life as possible on these units. When that time comes, I’ll definitely be using Quality 1 to get and install the equipment.

Hetal P.

Quality 1 Heating & Cooling commitment to excellence and customer service has been unmatched by any contractor we’ve ever worked with.

Quality 1 Heating & Cooling’s all 5/5 star online reviews are what initially prompted me to phone them and I can personally attest these reviews are entirely warranted. Quality 1 Heating & Cooling is the real deal! You won’t find better! Pick up the phone and call today with confidence knowing that they are going to take amazing care of you and your home.

Fran, Cliff and their team of installers have been a blessing to work with and a pleasure to get to know personally. My wife and I are so thankful to have found them.

Fran & Cliff were always available throughout the entire process to answer any questions or concerns immediately by phone, text or email. Cliff was on hand during our install to oversee his crew installing our products and Fran arrived during the end our installation to kindly check-in, answer any additional questions and even help us fill out our warranty and rebate forms.

Quality 1 Heating & Cooling went above and beyond to make sure we understood the functionality of our products after they were installed.
Fran and Cliff went over and above to ensure that we received the best possible prices, the highest quality installation service and the most incredible customer service.

Stop reading this review right now and pick up the phone. You won’t find better than Quality 1 Heating & Cooling. Their prices, customer service and commitment to quality is unparalleled.

Jason K.

Posted my issue to Quality 1’s Yelp acct in the evening and was contacted the following morning to schedule and appointment. They were able to fit me in the same day resolving my issue. Cliff talked me through the repairs and the cost was as quoted. Very happy with the service, will have a/c serviced as well. Would recommend!

Michael J.

Cliff and his team are top notch. They are very responsive, informative and helpful. Fair pricing for great, quality service!

Kelly R.

Discovered the A/C wasn’t working the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, and looking at a forecast of 95F+ days. Called 3 other area HVAC specialists and they all told me they were booked up until Wednesday.

Quality 1 answered immediately and guaranteed same-day service. Cliff stopped by later that afternoon and got me up and running again. Extremely polite, professional, gave me some good advice, and cut me a deal. Sold me on Quality 1 — calling them when I upgrade my HVAC and whenever I need a tune up/repair in the future. Cannot recommend enoug

John A.

The owner and his team are top notch. As an engineer myself, I was very impressed with the owner’s knowledge of HVAC engineering and ability to properly diagnose the problem promptly. Kudus! Their pricing is very fair and their honesty in their diagnose and pricing has definitely set the bar for all other contractors. Will definitely be calling them for future residential and commercial needs.

Atif G.

Outstanding experience with Quality 1. Fran and Cliff were incredibly helpful and professional when we replaced our A/C unit, from taking care to identify and recommend the right system as well as ensuring it was fine tuned to optimal performance post-installation. A truly exceptional business that takes pride in doing a good job and delivering beyond customers’ expectations.

Russ D.

Called them and they sent a tech out by the afternoon. Our home is comfortable and cool again. Thank you so much for the best customer service in our city!!!

Augistin H.

Great customer service. They are my go-to HVAC experts for my families comfort.

Johnathon I.

I’m going to save you time and money – If you have heating or cooling needs, then make one call to Quality 1.

Quality 1’s HVAC knowledge is truly impressive, and rather than use that to their advantage by up-selling you or creating a situation where you suddenly have additional fees once work begins, they present all the options, allowing you to make the best decisions. Quality 1 has the type of old-school customer appreciation and service that you just don’t find anymore. It’s a third generation family owned business that goes out of their way to make you feel great from start to finish.

My story? Furnace goes out in the middle of the night. Called several different supposedly reputable heating and cooling companies that all come out and basically run the same scam — try to take advantage of the fact that my furnace is 25 years old, it’s early December with plenty of winter ahead, no heat for family of 6, parts to repair furnace are expensive and will have to be special ordered, meaning it could be days with no heat, so let’s see what we can sell the chump. I’ll spare you the comedy of quotes I received.

I got lucky and a friend recommended Quality 1. They came out within an hour and educated me — difference between repair and buying new, furnace efficiencies, which furnace brands are best and why, who carries the best warranties, what equipment had the best Nicor rebates associated with it, what my house really needed (based on square footage, cold zones, etc.), completely transparent about costs, what the installation process entailed, etc.

Quality 1 helped me make a great decision based on MY NEEDS. Every option was on the table from repairing the furnace, to standard efficiency furnaces, to high efficiency furnaces — it became my choice. Oh, and every option was less expensive than the jokers who were out before Quality 1. They were friendly, knowledgeable, respectful, and listened really well.

So what did I do? I went with a new high-efficiency furnace. Made sense based on MY NEEDS:

  • I had the financial resources to replace the 25-year-old furnace with a high-efficiency furnace
  • I had several cold zones in the house — heat is now even and comfortable throughout
  • Old furnace was loud — new furnace is extremely quiet — the whole family has noticed
  • Gas bills were high — The gas bill I just received from Nicor is already considerably lower than what I would normally get hit with this time of year. 2-3 years should easily cover what I spent on a high efficiency furnace vs. a standard efficiency.
  • I also went with a new thermostat that can be accessed from my phone — really great for me with a busy house.

Quality 1 installed the furnace and thermostat the very next day, left no mess, came back out to the house later to make sure everything was working great, and took all the time I needed to explain everything (how to change the filter, how to set up the thermostat, etc.).

Very important to also mention that:

  1. Quality 1 ran into some issues getting the exact furnace and thermostat I ordered, so rather than play games, try to up-sell me, or delay the install, they gave me the next better model furnace and thermostat at NO additional cost. I didn’t have to negotiate that with Quality 1, or even have a conversation about it. They just showed up with the better equipment and explained (i.e. I was now getting a 96.7% efficiency furnace rather than a 95%).
  2. There was some extra work needed on the install that was not discussed on the estimate. Again, there was NO additional fee to me. Completely seamless — they performed the work needed, ensuring everything was done the right way and explained.

I was so pleased with the Quality 1 experience that I had them replace my 25-year-old AC unit next day as well.

Quality 1 scheduled a follow-up appointment with me to review all the warranties, explained how to submit rebates, and made sure that I was happy.


Great experience! I highly recommend Quality 1 HVAC.

Our furnace was on its last legs, and we needed a solution before the winter cold arrived. Cliff came out and gave a complete diagnosis. In fact, he even helped us think through the probability of whether and when the current unit may fail. After thoroughly explaining why we were experiencing some of the issues we had noticed over the last few weeks (by showing us evidence in the unit itself), he walked us through what we might expect over the next few months/year. At no time did he pressure us into thinking that a replacement was our only option.
To help frame our decision, Cliff then explained the tradeoffs of maintenance vs. replacement and provided us with examples of new systems that would operate most effectively for our size home. I truly appreciate that he provided three different solutions – all at different price points and with different options. Rather than trying to fit a specific solution to our issue, he provided us with the knowledge and information needed to make the best decision.
In the end, we decided to purchase a new system and felt extremely confident that the decision was both financially sound and that the unit itself was sized appropriately and would operate most effectively for our home. We could not have imagined better service, people or a more enjoyable experience.

Andrew G.

The name “Quality 1” is apropos for this company because “quality” is exactly what they provide to the consumer. They sell excellent equipment (rated #1 in consumer reports) with emphasis on nonpareil service. This is a small company that has been in the HVAC industry for three generations, and the way they conduct business demonstrates why they have staying power in such a competitive industry. Cliff, the owner, not only addressed our furnace issues, but he also came to our rescue on a frozen pipe issue we were having. We were ready to spend thousands of dollars on foam insulation and actually had a bid from another contractor to do the job. Cliff looked at the problem and suggested an extremely easy fix of venting the area around the pipe from the inside of the house rather than spend a lot of money on insulation. He came over on a Saturday and did the job. He not only saved me thousands of dollars in construction and insulation costs, but he wouldn’t take any payment for his time and labor. It was so refreshing to find a contractor who puts people over profit margin. Cliff also installed a Trane furnace and a new Honeywell Nest Thermostat, which we are extremely happy with! Before the installation, Cliff and his office manager, Fran, spent over two hours with my family explaining the pricing, the equipment, the installation process and even filled out the paperwork to get every rebate possible from the applicable utility companies. After the installation, he followed up at least three times with the family (I actually lost count). All in all, Quality 1 provided far and away the best experience we have had with any contractor, and they deserve the best of the best ratings. Really, really nice people who provide an outstanding product line and exemplary service to die for. Hats off to Cliff, Fran and the entire Quality 1 team!!!

Kristin F.

Having major issues with the furnace forced me to reach out to Cliff for some advice. I’m 100% convinced that had I called other companies, I’d be spending thousands of dollars on something I don’t need. Quickly, after a thorough analysis with some great technology and super knowledgeable leadership, Cliff was able to salvage what we had. He literally saved me a ton of money and knew how important my family’s health and safety were, so he made some adjustments and educated me on what we needed to do. I’ve contacted Cliff in the past for air conditioning issues, and he came right out in the late evening when it was extremely hot. Tonight with the furnace, Cliff came at 7:30pm and stayed until it was done. He’s super friendly with my family and made us feel we were working with the right guy. He knows his stuff but values his customers and their concerns. Glad to have met him and use his service. He will be a referral for my friends and family moving forward. Thanks, Cliff and team, for your great service, knowledgeable team, and commitment.

Steve M.

My wife had just arrived home after a short vacation. When I walked into our home, I heard a “buzzing noise” in our basement. I was to find out within an hour that it was my thermostat calling for our air conditioner, and that my blower motor had burned out. This was on a Sunday afternoon, late, and I called around for anyone who could give service. I dialed a number after several calls, and an actual voice answered the phone. After I shared our dilemma, the voice stated that he would be out within the hour, and would that be okay . . . we were ILoored. Then we met Cliff.

Cliff arrived within the hour, and after carefully listening, he went right to work. He quickly took my motor back to his shop and was back within another hour or so and installed my motor after reworking it. He then cleaned my furnace, and then said “follow me” and proceeded to clean my air conditioner, with instructions for next year’s cleaning. I’ve kept up with this for three years. Every year, that’s the first thing he checks, and I feel like a student receiving a star from his teacher, when he says “looks good”. He only charged me for the motor, on a Sunday afternoon, after all he had done. I said Cliff, “Is that all?” He said “Yes, you really needed some help.” We didn’t know what to say. We could have been held hostage, but we were treated like a valued customer.

Sure enough, fall rolls around, and we meet again. He cautions me that my furnace may last another year, and it lasted until two weeks ago, and it went out with a big thud. I called Cliff at six thirty in the morning, and he said he would he be out by nine. He was early, and by one in the afternoon of that same day, we had heat. Cliff had rearranged his day to accommodate our needs. Not only that, but he arranged to have our home assessed for a heat audit, which was part of the package. It was, and we are going to have some things done with that company, too.

Cliff is just a super human being and a businessman who just conducts his business with the customer as King. He’s direct, easy to understand, honest and ethical. He’s unique, and I call him a friend.

I’ve read all the before mentioned reviews, and we all follow the same vein. Why so lengthy, or so complete? I think it’s truly how we feel about Cliff. BTW: we’ve already had two follow-up phone calls to find out how we are doing. Can’t ask for more than that. Thanks, Cliff.

Antonio S.

These guys are awesome! I had issues with the way my ventilation was set up for my dryer. Cliff came over, and in a short time, Cliff explained what my issue was (too long of a run) and the best course of action to take. He took the time to give my furnace a quick checkup and showed me a few spots where there were issues that were a result of me not changing the filters frequently. I very much liked that Cliff took the time to explain everything in great detail. He didn’t charge me much for this initial visit, but because of the way he treated me, I had him come back to install some UV lights to provide better air quality in my home. Both Cliff and Fran came promptly, and when the job was done, everything was nice and clean around the furnace. Fran even called to follow up after the installation to make sure everything was ok. Because of the professionalism and the excellent customer service I received from Cliff and Fran, I am now going to make sure that Quality 1 will be doing all my annual maintenance of my furnaces and air conditioners.