UV Lights, Naperville, IL

If you believe using UV lights in your Naperville, IL HVAC system would be beneficial, our team can assist you.

UV Lights In Naperville, IL

UV Lights in Naperville – Did you know that mold can grow in your HVAC system over time and affect the air in your home? If you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, finding mold in your HVAC system can be a serious problem.

Luckily, there are now solutions for preventing mold growth by adding UV lights to discourage mold and improve indoor air quality. UV lights have long been used for sterilization in hospitals and other environments, and they are able to successfully rid your HVAC system of the potential threat of mold.

When UV lights are installed inside the air handler of your HVAC system, all mold within reach of the lights will be killed. The light remains on 24/7, so you will never be at risk for mold growth in your HVAC system. The UV lights offer improved indoor air quality, but may need to be changed occasionally, and you may notice decreased indoor air quality when the bulbs have burned out.

If you believe using UV lights in your HVAC system would be beneficial, our team at Quality 1 Heating & Cooling can assist you in selecting the proper unit for your needs before completing installation. In our commitment to service, we promise honesty and respect for all our customers, and we believe in providing you optimal heating and cooling options in Naperville, IL.

If you are an allergy sufferer or have serious respiratory issues, don’t let poor indoor air quality cause you to suffer. Contact us at Quality 1 Heating & Cooling to discuss your options for UV lights and a healthier home.

At Quality 1 Heating & Cooling, we can install high-quality UV lights in Naperville and Aurora, Illinois.