Most people think of humidity as a bad thing because it makes those hot summer days feel sticky and uncomfortable. While it is true that too much humidity is not ideal, having too low relative humidity has its own complications both with your home and your family. The best and most effective way to have the right amount of humidity inside your home is through the use of home humidifiers.


Dry air, caused by low relative humidity, is damaging to your home in a number of ways. For one thing, there will be more static electricity in your home, which can damage your electronics and isn’t very much fun for you, either. Low humidity is also bad for wood materials, such as cabinetry, hardwood floors, furniture, and even the walls of your home.

Humidifiers can make your home more comfortable for your family and avoid many of the conditions that can be attributed to dry air. If your family experiences bloody noses, dry eyes, sore throats, dry skin and frequent respiratory ailments such as colds and flu, low humidity could be to blame. Furthermore, dry air can feel colder, leading you to crank up that thermostat unnecessarily; thus, humidifiers can save you on utility costs as well.

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