Communication Tips for Talking With HVAC Contractors

When it comes to any improvement, maintenance or repair issue around your home, being able to communicate with the contractor will get you improved results. This is especially true when dealing with HVAC contractors. Communication is a two-way street, however, so you need to be prepared to make your needs understood and choose an HVAC contractor that you feel is paying attention to what you are saying on specific topics.

  • Budget – It is not enough to tell your HVAC contractor that you want the best price. You must let him know whether you wish to focus on keeping today’s bill low or keeping your future costs down. By knowing where you stand on this subject, he will be able to advise you whether to keep repairing your heating and cooling equipment or replace it.
  • Goals – Another topic of importance is your goals in terms of your home. The advice you will get from your heating and cooling professional can be tailored to your needs whether you plan to sell your home in the near future or live in it for many years to come. Other goals such as wanting the best efficiency, wanting green options or feeling loyalty to a specific equipment brand are all things you should communicate.
  • Written Contract – Verbal communication tips are great for being sure that you and your HVAC contractor are on the same page. When it is time to proceed, be sure to get everything down on paper. A written contract supersedes anything said verbally, so be sure if they promise something, it is in the contract.

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