If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, the inner coil is most likely to be blamed. The evaporator coil is found inside the interior unit of the air conditioner. After the refrigerant, air goes through it, removing heat from your home and making you feel cold and comfortable until it begins to leak.

If an interior coil is leaking refrigerant, it will take a long time for the system to chill your home. So, if you’re experiencing any of these issues, give us a call for AC repair in Naperville. Find out what to do if the coil begins to leak –

1. Repairing is Not an Option

The leaks themselves cannot be reliably repaired. Evaporator coils constitute big dark areas, marked by little dips, curves, gaps, and difficult-to-see, difficult-to-reach regions. The needle-in-a-haystack analogy applies in the search for leaks.

And remember, you can have multiple small leaks, not just one huge one that is noticeable. Therefore, your coil, your air handler, or your complete HVAC system usually has to be replaced. Everything relies on what type of system you have, the age, and long-term heating and cooling requirements. So, call us for the best air conditioning installation in Naperville.

2. Still, Got an Old R-22 System?

Your air conditioner should probably be replaced. R-22 coolant, as we know, is scarce, costly, and at this time nearly out of date. Although an evaporator coil may usually be substituted in an R-22 system, it normally does not serve your best financial interests.

It would be best to buy a new AC instead of going for a replacement of the coil. So, call us for the best air conditioning installation in Naperville.

3. When Should Replace Just The Coil?

If you have got a new system and it is in warranty, you should look for a replacement of your coil because it will be cost-efficient. But if it is out of warranty, it might not be so cost-efficient to replace the coil. It will cost you some hundred dollars or maybe a thousand dollars to replace it without including the labor charges. So, now what to do?

You can get a new air handler at around the same price from your HVAC dealer. It might cost somewhat more or less than the new coil, but here’s the thing: Normally, a new air handler has a 10-year equipment guarantee. It’s enormous. In contrast, only a very short guarantee comes in a new coil – usually just one year.

The new air handler is a better deal than purchasing a new coil and installing it in your old unit. The 10-year guarantee also covers all air handler components and not only the bow. So, call us now for AC repair in Naperville.

With so many options, finding a reliable AC repair in Naperville might be difficult. Trust the one that satisfies all of your requirements. If you live in Naperville and need air conditioning repair, Quality 1 is here to help. We can assist you in saving money on any HVAC repairs. To get the best AC repair services, call Quality 1 at (630)-544-6123.