A Guide to Preventative Maintenance & HVAC Services

Preventing problems with your HVAC system will keep your house comfortable and your wallet full. If you have a major issue with your furnace or air conditioner, it can cost a lot of money and be a great inconvenience. Preventative maintenance and HVAC services that you complete annually will greatly reduce the likelihood that you will have to replace a whole unit and will ensure you are not overpaying on utility bills as a result of inefficiency. Here are a few of the top preventative actions you can take:

  • Make Sure You Have the Right HVAC Unit. We often see people who have an air conditioning unit or furnace that isn’t right for the size of their residence. Trying to cool square footage that is too large with not enough power stresses the machinery. Your unit might only last half as long as expected in this case. To prevent having to spend lots of money on a replacement, make sure you carefully read and follow the recommended setting for the unit you purchase.
  • Check Your Warranty and Get Replacement Parts. It is much better to replace parts while your machine is still under warranty than to have to deal with more extensive HVAC services. We recommend checking your warranty and being vigilant about odd banging, squeaking, or tapping noises. Check for water on the ground under your AC periodically to keep abreast of leaks.
  • Keep Open Communication with Your HVAC Professional. Another way to stay aware of potential problems is to have your HVAC services done by someone you trust and who will be thorough. At Quality 1 Heating & Cooling, we can help you stay knowledgeable about your system, so it will stay functional for years to come.